Not sure why I’m tracking all the details of my daily life this week?  Read the first post to find out!


Midnight- 7:15- Sleep.  Not a terrible night.  Two hot flashes, and one weird dream.  Two additional wake-ups due to a sore back.  But I managed to get back to sleep relatively quickly after each interruption.

7:15- 8:00- A. wakes me up by jumping on me.  She’s way too happy for 7:15 on a Sunday morning.  We all lie in bed for a while, debating whether or not we should get up.

8:00- 10:30- Remember that the tree guy (long story) is coming this morning, so we get up quickly.  I immediately start doing laundry.  I made my smoothie, and fight with A. to decide what she wants for breakfast.  She chooses Froot Loops.  I cringe silently, but give them to her anyway.  I drink my smoothie while making the sauce for tonight’s dinner (Spiced chickpea wraps with tahini dressing).  I put in a second load of laundry.  Back to the kitchen to make my favourite healthy treat- raw caramel squares.  Soooooo good!  Doing this to try to get back to my no refined sugar diet (started slacking over Christmas, and have yet to break the bad habits).  Feel guilty that A. is staring at her iPad, so look for something fun to do with her this afternoon.  Skating it is.  I have until 1:30 to get my shit together…. better hustle!  Get hubby to go look at places to go for vacation for his 50th birthday, because I need to start planning!!!  He narrows it down to two choices, and I’m totally pumped about both!

10:30- 12:00- Continue to work in the kitchen and work on laundry.  Do a little WiiFit with hubby, just for fun.  Try to engage the wee woman, and get her involved in the WiiFit thing, but all she wants to do is stare at her ipad.  Grrrr… I tell her that I’m going to have a shower, and then we are going to do her homework.  She gives me the stink eye.

12:00- 12:30- Shower and get dressed in skating-friendly attire while hubby deals with the tree guy, who finally decided to show up.  A. continues to stare mindlessly at her iPad.

12:30- 1:30- Frantically eat lunch while tidying up the kitchen and helping A. with her homework.  Finish up my caramel squares.  Make lunch for A- she actually eats it willingly…. hmmm… must be all that energy she exerted staring at the iPad this morning.  Hubby is making chicken stock, so we can make soup and rice salad with chicken for quick and easy meals this week.  Love that he likes to cook, too!  Suddenly realize that we have no wraps for our chickpea wraps that we are having for dinner.  Crap.  I would normally make my own, but that’s not gonna happen if we want to go skating… decide to buy crappy store-bought ones on our way to the skating rink.  Gather up all our gear for skating and head out the door.

1:30- 4:45- Drive to a town 30 minutes away to go skating, since there’s no skating closer to home today.  A. plays the same song over and over and over all the way there.  I know all the words by the time we arrive.  On arrival we find out that, even though it says on the website that there’s skating today at this arena, there actually isn’t.  Good fucking thing we drove all that way.  Leave feeling seriously pissed off.  Stop at a Dutch market on the way home to have pastries (there’s that guilt again…) and coffee, and wander around the store, window shopping.  Drive home, stopping to pick up wraps on the way. Feeling disappointed, and quite bloated from the coffee and pecan butter tart I ate at the market.  Just awesome.

4:45- 6:00- Watch A. bounce around like a yo-yo from all the sugar she’s had today.  Feeling grateful that daddy gets to put her to bed tonight!  Finally convince her to have her bath early in preparation for a late dinner (no one is hungry, thanks to the mid-afternoon pastries). She whines and complains for the entire duration of her bath… it’s too cold/too hot/I don’t want to have my hair washed/I want to get out/ I don’t want to get out… it’s cold!  Grrrr….

6:00- 7:45- Make and eat dinner.  Well, hubby and I ate… A. just picked at her food.  She ended up eating 2 noodles and a giant cup of milk.  And then complaining her stomach hurt.  Big shock.

7:45- 8:15- Hubby plays with A. while I research vacation ideas for his birthday.  It’s nice to have something to look forward to, but I’m having a mild heart attack about spending the money.  Oh well, you only turn 50 once!

8:15- 9:00- Watch last week’s episode of The Walking Dead while waiting for hubby to get A. off to sleep.  Stare out the window in disgust at the growing SNOWSTORM.  In APRIL.  Start to worry that there may not be school tomorrow, which would force me to lose out on yet another workout, and my pre-night shift nap.  Say a silent prayer that the snow eases up.

9:00- 9:30- Hubby decides he needs a shower before we watch TWD.  Insert eye-rolling smiley here… COME ON!!!!!  I’m too damned excited to wait!

9:30- midnight- Watch TWD and Talking Dead…. OMFG.  I’m dying here!!!  Can’t believe we have to wait to October to see #whoisit?!?!

Stay tuned for Monday- our final day!



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