If you’ve been following my blog for a while, or have at least read my About Me page, you know that I love to cook!  This page will serve as an index page for all the awesome ‘recipes’ that I write about (I use the term ‘recipe’ rather loosely- I often check out a few recipes for whatever I choose to cook, then I do whatever I want).  Just click on the recipe that interests you, and the link will take you to the post where I discussed the recipe.

Happy cooking!

Main Dishes

Beef braised in Red Wine

  1. As promised, here are some of my foodie posts from my other blog. (No need to publish this random comment!) Just thought you might like to see some slap-dash recipes involving full fat cream, sauces made from scratch, a pinch of this, an eyeball of that, with a whole lotta getoutta-my-ways (unless you’re making me a fabulous aperitif!).

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