A Long Overdue Update

Yes, I know.  I drop the news of a second job opportunity, and then disappear.  What can I say?  I love cliffhangers.... In all seriousness, the last couple of weeks have been EXTREMELY busy.  I had forgotten about all the hoops healthcare professionals have to jump through when they get a new job.  Doctor's appointments, frantic searching for [...]

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Another Goodbye

We broke up today.  After almost five years together.  The relationship was a bit dysfunctional- I was needy, he led me down paths that often ended in disappointment.  [...]

Rethinking ‘Alone’

Let me preface this post by stating a fact that I'm sure is obvious to all who know me. I am an introvert. I don't need a multiple choice test to tell me this. I have [...]

Why NOW?

After typing out my rather lengthy (sorry!) TTC history earlier today, I started to wonder- why didn't I start a blog sooner? I mean- I've been through a lot of challenging [...]


So I think I ovulated. Already. Its been two weeks since I started to miscarry, and I've had two days of elevated temps. One more day will confirm it. Its been 14 days [...]

Head Versus Heart

Today was supposed to be the day- the day that I called our family doctor to book an appointment for hubby and I to go in and discuss our options for permanent birth control. [...]