#MicroblogMondays- When It Rains…

… I don’t just get a little wet.  I get walloped by a hurricane.

I recently wrote about all the things that have been stressing me out.  I’m pleased to say that I’ve either dealt with or made peace with quite a few of those items.  I bought a car.  I bought a new wardrobe.  I decided to upgrade my daughter’s birthday party package so that I don’t have to do anything other than show up.  I have made all sorts of plans to see many of my soon-to-be former coworkers socially, so I no longer feel like I’m losing absolutely everything that I’ve known for the last 16 years.  And I even feel better about my upcoming ballet performance, after a mostly successful dress rehearsal.  I am NOT at peace with how much money we have spent lately… but I’ll get there.  I have no choice.  It had to be done.

But it seems that the universe isn’t quite finished with me yet.  A couple of new, and rather significant stressful events have occurred.

First-  I have been a shitty blogger lately.  I’ve had so much going on, I’ve neglected this space, and haven’t kept up with my reading and commenting.  I’m terribly sorry, everyone.  I’ll be back when the dust settles a little bit.  I have LOTS to say…

Secondly- While at work on Saturday, I was suturing a line into a patient’s wrist when I accidently stuck myself with the dirty needle.  This is my second dirty needle stick in my career, and it’s terribly stressful, waiting to find out if the patient has Hepatitis or HIV.  This particular patient is fairly low risk, but I am obviously still shaken, and saying silent prayers for good news.

Finally- You might recall that, around the time I applied for the job that I am set to start on June 20th, I applied for another job.  I never expected to hear anything from them, as the job is at a very large organization, and they typically have a huge pool of internal candidates to choose from for leadership positions.  Well, I got a call from them on Friday.  They want to interview me.  I am STUNNED… and extremely conflicted.  This job is a perfect fit for me both personally and professionally- significantly more so than the job I have already accepted.  And with this job would come a significant raise, more vacation time, and better, more flexible work hours.  It’s a dream come true, and quite possibly, a once in a lifetime opportunity (especially in my insanely saturated profession).  But the fact that I have already accepted a position somewhere else is weighing heavily on my mind.

I have already decided to go for the interview- for the experience, if nothing else- but what on earth am I going to do if they offer me the job?  Should I take it and leave the other organization in the lurch with very little notice?  Can I even do that, after signing an offer letter?  And if I were to go with job #2, how would I ever silence that little voice in my head that would endlessly berate me for not living up to my obligation to the organization that offered me job #1?  Any thoughts or advice would be appreciated- this is uncharted territory for me, and I just don’t know what to do!



  1. That’s a challenging one. Go with your gut – it sounds like pursuing the chance for job #2 is what you want to do. I would also feel obligations to Job #1, but I would urge you to do what feels right for you (as long as they are within their legal rights wrt job #1). Photos of the new wardrobe??

  2. Oh yeah… and the patient I had the dirty needle stick from is clean. No hepatitis, no HIV. HUGE relief!!!

  3. Thank you everyone. The interview for job #2 is scheduled for June 14th- a mere 6 days before I am due to start job #1. I will do what is right for me, my career and my family no matter what. But it’s not easy. A good friend pointed out that if I were a man, we likely wouldn’t even be having this conversation. My dilemma is much more about how guilty I would feel about leaving job #1 scrambling than it is about the legalities of the situation. Guilt is something that most women- myself included- are very good at. If I decide that job #2 is the right one, though- I’d best find a way to deal with it in a big hurry!

  4. Here’s my take on the job situation. These days there is not as much job security as there used to be, so you need to take care of yourself. If a position like the leadership position at job #2 never opens up then you need to go to the interview, rock it, and hopefully get an offer. If you feel as if the job at place #2 is a better fit for you then take it. Otherwise, you will regret it. If company #1 could wait over 3 weeks for you to wrap up at your old job before starting your new job, then they can wait a little longer for a new person. I would just make sure in your interview with job #2 that you ask how long the process will take because if selected, you would want to give job #1 as much advance notice as possible.

  5. You do. Take it, I mean. Because staying in a job you don’t love isn’t good for workplace 1 and more than it is good for you. Things happen sometimes, and people need to shift jobs. And a good workplace will have safety nets in place to start their job search over again.

  6. oh gosh, the needlestick is so scary. sending positive (negative?) thoughts your way. I got stuck by a HCV+ large gauge needle many years ago—thankfully turned out ok, but required a full year of repeated testing.
    I wish I had advice on the job front, but I have no business acumen and no idea what the “right” thing is from that sense. But from a personal perspective—if the second job is truly perfect, and you are offered the job, I’d imagine you’d regret it terribly if you said no out of some sense of duty to your new employer.

  7. Hoping for the best re: the test results. As for the job/possible job…sticky wicket for sure. The closest I’ve ever come is having to choose between two offers that happened about the same time. Good luck in finding the path that offers the least distress.

  8. Here are some thoughts from a lurker.

    First I would definitely not immediately turn down a dream job for the sake of being professional. These types of opportunities don’t come around every day. Of course being professional is very important. I’m not sure exactly what your current new job is but it seems like you’re in the healthcare field. Although it would be inconvenient for the company where you already accepted a job if you left right away for another one, but ask yourself would it really imperil their operation? Are you mediately stepping into a vital role where if you’re not there they don’t have anyone to fill it? If not then course you’re always going to feel a little guilty but it’s not like you’re ruining their operation. And if it is the case that you’re stepping into a vital role that they can’t fill perhaps you could work out an arrangement where you stay at the current new place for a couple of weeks until they find someone and then you transition to the dream job.

    When do you start the current new job? Seems like the best scenario would be you’re still at your old job and you’re interviewing at the dream job and then they offer you it before you start the job you’ve already accepted. If you were just about to start the job you’ve accepted and you’ll be interviewing while you’re already at the new job, then that will be a little more awkward.

    Another question to ask is are these employers/fields related? If the one gets pissed off and badmouths you with that affect your ability to move up at the dream job?

    Good luck. I’ve often had these types of scenarios in my head that I’ve worried about when I still have an application out there and I’ve taken another job but fortunately I’ve never actually experienced this.

  9. Yikes! Sending good vibes your way for your test result, your work dilemma, and everything else stressful in your life. Hope things quiet down for you soon.

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