#MicroblogMondays- That Feeling…

You spend hours and hours and hours working on a project.  It is a difficult project, requiring a lot of thought and concentration.  Everyone is counting on you to finish this project in a timely manner- those counting on you cannot move forward with their own projects until you finish this one.  After two full days of working on it, you finally finish.  You feel pleased- relieved- and ready to celebrate!  You print off the final product, and sit down to review it one last time before releasing it to those who have been patiently waiting… at which point you discover that you made a HUGE mistake at a very early point in the project, and you have to scrap the entire thing and start over.

Is anyone out there familiar with that feeling?

Because I am.

  1. Thank you all… after almost vomiting (and then having a big drink), I surprised myself by adopting a rather relaxed attitude about the whole thing. I managed to shake it off, and get myself caught up in a relatively short period of time. Now I can breathe again…

  2. Oh my G-d… my heart just totally sank for you. Yes, I’ve done that. And I’ve gotten super burned by running with a project thinking the details were set and then having people make enormous changes once the work has already been done; meaning, I have to do it again. It absolutely sucks.

  3. Ugh. Just ugh. I’m so sorry. That’s the sort of thing that would completely freak me out. Once I did 4 hours of transcribing and then thought I lost it all. I already hated the fact that I had to get it done, but the thought of having to redo it all over again and be behind 4 hours was enough to unravel me. Luckily, my husband found the document in a temp folder on my computer and I postponed my mental breakdown for another day. Someone once told me, just own the mistake, have a good cry and then fix it.

  4. Ugh. So sorry this happened to you. I am definitely familiar with that feeling, although not in that exact circumstance. I hope you’re able to celebrating finishing, mistake-free, in the very near future!

  5. I’ve tried very hard to not work on anything important where I have to rely so heavily on others or them on me… however… of course we’ve all put blood, sweat, and tears into something that turned into a calamity. So what? It’s just a speck of career-life and even less than that of a whole life. It’s frustrating and anxiety-producing to say the least, but lots of credit to you for catching it before it left your hands. I’m sure people waiting on the rest of the “assembly line” would be a lot less forgiving for the wait if it was a long wait… & then it was also totally, extremely, significantly…WRONG.

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