How It Went

The interview.

Well, it went.

It probably would have gone better if I hadn’t spiked a fever the night before.  A fever that I couldn’t get to break, even with two extra strength ibuprofen.

It probably would have gone better if I had slept better… but I was restless and uncomfortable.  Probably because of the fever.  And the headache.  And the sinus pain.

It probably would have gone better if I hadn’t been so damned nervous.  Nerves, especially in combination with fever and severe sinus pain, definitely have the power to make your thoughts muddled and incoherent.


The questions were tough.  It was a behavioural interview- there were no basic ‘getting to know you’ type questions.  They jumped right into asking for examples of ethical dilemmas I have faced, situations in which I have had to deal with an angry patient, and so on.  I had anticipated some questions of this type, but certainly not an hour of gruelling inquiries about every aspect of my eighteen year long career.

I got through it.  I answered some questions really well, and others, well… not so much.  I relaxed as the interview progressed, and I had excellent, thoughtful questions prepared to ask them.  I left the interview more enthusiastic and excited about the job than when I went in.  But based on my performance, I’m not at all certain that they will be all that enthusiastic about me.

Time will tell, I suppose.

I’m trying to look at the bright side- I did answer enough of the questions well that I’m sure they got a really good idea of who I am and what I’m all about.  I have great references, who will have nothing but good things to say about me.  And no matter what happens, I do still have a job.  One that pays well and is very secure.  I’m not desperate, and my entire life isn’t riding on this one interview.

But I still really want an offer, and will be disappointed if I don’t get one.

Cross your fingers for me.  Maybe the stars will align, and somehow, this will work out in my favour.

Now I need a nap.  I feel like hell.


  1. Awww, I hope you feel better soon, and am so sorry that you weren’t feeling well for the interview. My husband always says that the best time to look for a new job is when you already have a job, and that’s the exact situation you’re in. I know you’ll be disappointed if you don’t get an offer, but try to remember how great you did answering difficult questions while sick and give yourself some praise.

    • I’m sure they guessed when I started coughing so hard I was crying, and they had to go get me some water. lol

      I did mention it in my thank you letter as well, and said that I hoped I managed to convey my enthusiasm for the position, despite how I was feeling.

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