Hello, ICLWers!

Welcome to all readers- old and new!  I’m very excited to be participating in my very first ICLW.  I’m one of the new kids on the block- my blog is in it’s infancy, not even two months old.  I wanted to participate this month in order to meet some more of the lovely people in the ALI blogosphere, explore some new blogs, and if I’m really lucky, maybe even draw a reader or two my way!  So, it’s nice to meet you all… feel free to hang around, read a post or two, and of course, leave a comment!  That’s what this is all about, right?

A little bit about me (you can read a lot about me here and here, if you choose)- I’m 40 years young, happily married with a very precocious three year old daughter, whom I conceived through IUI.  Our pursuit of the ever-elusive 2.0 has recently come to an end, after three years of trying, four heartbreaking losses, and sadly, no take-home baby.  This blog is all about what happens after infertility, with a particular focus on coping with the reality that no matter how hard we try, sometimes we don’t end up with exactly what we dreamed of.  It has been a tough road, and I am neck-deep in the grieving process right now, but nevertheless, I feel very fortunate to have many blessings in my life.

I have nothing particularly insightful or important to say today- I am simply spending a quiet couple of days with my family after a rather dramatic, stressful and upsetting week. A little dose of normalcy was definitely in order for this weekend, so yesterday, I got my hair cut and coloured, we went furniture shopping, caught up on a few episodes of Breaking Bad, and did laundry. On the agenda for today is a short run, and lots of cleaning, in preparation for the start of an extremely couple of busy weeks at work. Sounds pretty boring, but sometimes, status quo is good.

Happy Sunday, everyone! And have a great week! Happy commenting!

  1. Popping in for ICLW. I am so sorry to hear about your losses and your struggle. My heart goes out to you. I hope you can find some healing and peace as the days and weeks (and months and years) go by. And I hope you enjoy your maiden voyage into ICLW!

    • Thanks Cassie… I’m absolutely loving ICLW- what a great way to meet new people and find some new blogs to follow! Thanks for coming by…

  2. Hi from ICLW! 🙂
    My blog is brand new too.
    I’m sorry for your journey, and your losses and how sad you must feel about the end result. Big hugs.

    • Hi Susan! Nice to meet another new blogger! What a great community this is! Wishing you all the best on your journey… 🙂

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I feel that my husband and I will also be learning a new way of life after infertility soon. I am so happy that I found your blog and can’t wait to see where this journey takes you.

    • Thank you as well. It’s a huge adjustment, that’s for sure. My entire life has been ruled by TTC for such a long time, I hardly know what to do with myself these days. I had to take a hard look at my life, and decide what I wanted THIS life to look like. It’s odd not to be living 28 days at a time anymore, but I’m getting used to it. One day at a time!

  4. I totally forgot about ICLW this month, had to double check to make sure I hadn’t signed up! I’m just over a year down the road of… grief? I’m not sure that’s entirely the right word but it’s a year since we stopped cycling, I think we’d given up long before then in our hearts – in the end we couldn’t take the cycle of hope and despair and decided to concentrate on the beautiful miracle we do have (he’s 3 yrs 3 months). I feel for you, know a little of your journey and wish like hell none of us ever had to be here.

    It’s a small comfort, I know but it does get easier, slowly but surely it gets easier xx

    • Thanks Kyla. I wish none of us had to make this tough choice as well. I’ve been following you for a while now, and I admire your ability to focus on the positive, and work on finding yourself again. It’s a journey that I’m just beginning, and I look to people like you, who have blazed the trail before me, for hope. Thanks for coming by!

  5. Hi from ICLW! So sorry to hear about your losses and eventual decision to stop treatments. We are at the point now were we won’t continue trying for a biological child and that’s a very hard decision to make.

    • It is tough. Age was the primary factor in our decision- I think, if we were a few years younger, we probably would have continued. But with me at age 40, Hubby at 46, we had to be practical. My heart still hasn’t entirely caught up with my head, so it’s an ongoing struggle. Thank you so much for the comment! 🙂

  6. Great start to your blog! I’m new around here too, but guess I can still say “welcome,” right? 🙂

    I’m sorry you’ve had such a difficult three years. Thanks for your willingness to share THIS part of the journey, too.

  7. Hi from ICLW….I’m also so sorry to hear of your loss and welcome you to this wonderful online ALI support network. Plenty of people want to hear (or rather read) your story and will draw comfort from it. Thanks for contributing! I wish you much-deserved peace after this grief process.

    ICLW #34

    • Thanks Rebecca… I’m definitely one of the lucky ones. Wishing you lots of success on your upcoming cycle… 🙂

  8. Ah, your plans for the weekend sound awesome….not boring at all. I am right there with you…after an exhausting week, hoping to get some down time in today in prep for busy work weeks ahead. (I work part-time from home while caring for our nine month old.) Like you, this is my first time doing ICLW. Glad to meet you and read your story.
    – Liz

    • Hi Liz! Boring or not- I’m just grateful to be home with my family this weekend (I work a lot of weekends, so this is always a treat). I wish I did something that allowed me to work from home- I really miss my hubby and daughter working 12 hour shifts with a 30 minute commute to and from work. Very nice to meet you as well…

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