Our humble home

Things I Am Stressing About…

... because maybe, if I put it all out there, I just might feel a little bit better.  In bullets, and in no particular order: Changing jobs after working [...]


Not sure why I'm tracking all the details of my daily life this week?  Read the first post to find out! Sunday Midnight- 7:15- Sleep.  Not a terrible [...]


Not sure why I'm posting all the details of my daily life?  Read the first post to find out! Wednesday Midnight- 6:45 a.m.- Work, work, work.  The [...]

Sometimes, The Journey Is The Best Part

This is our basement.  Rather, this WAS our basement. Unfinished basements do tend to become dumping grounds, and ours was no exception.  If it [...]

2015- The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Well, since year-in-review posts seem to be the thing right now, I thought I would jump on the bandwagon, and write one myself.  And since I was MIA for much [...]