Moving On

A Long Overdue Update

Yes, I know.  I drop the news of a second job opportunity, and then disappear.  What can I say?  I love cliffhangers.... In all seriousness, the last [...]

#MicroblogMondays- And…. LEAP!

I have always been a very risk averse person.  And I don't particularly enjoy change.  Even good change.  I like structure.  Predictability.  Sercurity. [...]

#MicroblogMondays- Believing in Magic

For about two weeks leading up to Christmas last year, my daughter repeatedly asked me if Santa Claus was real.  Completely unprepared to deal with such [...]

#MicroblogMondays- An Accidental Expert

I don't talk about pregnancy loss all that often anymore- as much as I miss the babies that I never got to meet, I just don't feel that I am defined by my [...]

Sometimes, The Journey Is The Best Part

This is our basement.  Rather, this WAS our basement. Unfinished basements do tend to become dumping grounds, and ours was no exception.  If it [...]