Things I Am Stressing About…

... because maybe, if I put it all out there, I just might feel a little bit better.  In bullets, and in no particular order: Changing jobs after working [...]

#MicroblogMondays- And…. LEAP!

I have always been a very risk averse person.  And I don't particularly enjoy change.  Even good change.  I like structure.  Predictability.  Sercurity. [...]

#MicroblogMondays- Limbo

Being in limbo is hard.  You would think, after all those years of two week waits, and multiple possibly viable/possibly not pregnancies, I would be [...]

And…. Some Things NEVER Change

Lately, I've been doing a lot of talking about all the changes I have made in my life over the last year, and how these changes have positively impacted my [...]


Warning:  This post will contain a great deal of whining and complaining.  I am feeling sorry for myself, and since this is my blog, I feel I have the right [...]