Dollars and common sense…

Things I Am Stressing About…

... because maybe, if I put it all out there, I just might feel a little bit better.  In bullets, and in no particular order: Changing jobs after working [...]

The February Report

Good Lord, I'm behind.  Behind on my blog reading, and based on the fact that it is now mid-March, and I'm only JUST getting around to writing this post, I am [...]

A Quick Update…

... from a very tired girl! I am writing this with an hour left of my third night shift in a row.  And this is pretty much the first time I have sat down [...]

You Just Can’t Have It All

This has been the theme of my week.  Sigh.  I'm not typically inclined to complain- I prefer to focus on what is positive in my life- but right now, I just [...]

Budgeting Vs. Expense Tracking: Which is Better?

I've been reading and writing about personal finance for a few months now, and I've come to realize something- I'm a little different than a lot of personal [...]