#MicroblogMondays- And…. LEAP!

I have always been a very risk averse person.  And I don't particularly enjoy change.  Even good change.  I like structure.  Predictability.  Sercurity. [...]

What I Learned From Tracking My Time For A Week

This post has been a couple of days in the making- primarily because I am sick, but also because I really needed to read over my week's worth of tracking posts [...]

Running On Empty

According to the National Sleep Foundation, an adult my age needs approximately 7-9 hours of sleep per day.  Inadequate sleep or poor sleep quality is [...]

Lemons and Lemonade

I'm feeling kind of sorry for myself tonight.  And here's why- My doctor did not clear me to go back to work.  I am still coughing up a lot of... [...]

Loose Ends

I am on day three of my self-imposed running hiatus.  Days one and two were spent at home.  I had a couple of long-overdue dates with my yoga mat (seriously! [...]