Author: catwoman73

How It Went

The interview. Well, it went. It probably would have gone better if I hadn't spiked a fever the night before.  A fever that I couldn't get to break, [...]

#MicroblogMondays- Finally! Hope for the Future…

I know I've been missing in action over the last week, but I have a good reason- I've been preparing for a job interview!  For a full-time job!  With better [...]

#MicroblogMondays- That Feeling…

You spend hours and hours and hours working on a project.  It is a difficult project, requiring a lot of thought and concentration.  Everyone is counting on [...]

What I Learned From Tracking My Time For A Week

This post has been a couple of days in the making- primarily because I am sick, but also because I really needed to read over my week's worth of tracking posts [...]


Not sure why I'm tracking all the details of my daily life this week? Read the first post to find out! Monday- The Final Day Midnight- 1:00- Lie awake, [...]